The Reading Boat

A Karachi-based child literacy centre

The Reading Boat is a Literacy Centre in Karachi, Pakistan. We built a fully customized learning management system for the owner to keep track of her students progress and to ensure that students are making progress and keeping up with the syllabus.


The Reading Boat is a literacy centre that provides a creative learning environment for children. They offer a comprehensive reading program that makes learning to read fun, interactive and highly enjoyable. It's a structured reading program that focuses on developing reading skills, decoding, phonemic awareness, comprehension, creative-writing and sight-word vocabulary. Story-telling sessions are also part of their lesson plans.


The owners of The Reading Boat sought our expertise to help them manage their students, syllabus and course planning process. We had several meetings back-and-forth, in order to deeply understand, what is it that they want.

The specifics of the project were:

  • Social Media Management

  • Ad Campaigns

  • Logo & Brand Design

  • Company Website (ongoing)

  • Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Implementation of LMS


  • Moodboards
  • Design Concepts
  • User Testing
  • Further Templates


  • Reflect the The Reading Boat's brand personality
  • Drive interest and action
  • Go bold and modern without compromising user experience
  • Streamline across mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Create an interactive and immersive experience
  • Keep it simple