An import / export trade management platform

A cloud-based import / export trade management system fully customized for our client to track orders, shipments, payments, delivery, logistics and warehousing. A fully integrated solution that allows tracking and reporting.

Demo (username: admin, password: admin123)


Indentify is an internal piece of software we built to help a prominent paper trading company manage their indenting process. A custom Django application, Indentify integrates with the third-party systems like shipping (DHL, FedEx) and acts as a dashboard to manage and review ongoing orders. We made sure the interface provided a great user experience while simplifying the process for organisations who handle import and export orders.

The system includes:

  • Order Generation & Tracking

  • Shipping & Logistics

  • Warehousing & Storage

  • Commission Tracking

After a successful implementation of this mini-ERP, the company liked our product so much that they hired us on an annual retainer to continuously enhance and add more features to the product.

You can check out the demo here (username: admin, password: admin123)