ATC Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.

One of the leading paper trading companies in Pakistan

ATC Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. is what we call the "GrandFather" of our SaaS product Indentify. The whole idea of a cloud-based seamless, fluid and dynamic import / export trade management system came from ATC Pakistan. We also built a mobile-responsive website for them and handle their social media.


ATC Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. was founded over three decades ago with an aim to use resources wisely and curtail overheads to make sure that they remain competitive in the markets they are active in. Their organization is simple yet effective. With globalization and marginalization of risk, competitive pricing remains the key to ensuring long term growth in any market.

They have established strong relations with the finest pulp and paper manufacturers in Europe, Middle East and Asia to serve a wide array of customers in various industries, globally. With their extensive knowledge of the target markets and product lines we are positioned to fulfill our customer’s needs quickly regardless of the ever changing business cycles.

This system is truly a work of art, a masterpiece! It has made our lives so much easier and working so much simpler. We truly appreciate all the hardwork and effort the team at ATC.Digital has put into our project.

Muhammad Zubair, Assistant Manager, ATC Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.

ATC first contacted us in 2011 for a basic website that showcased their company profile, products and services, which we delivered quickly. The following year, they connected with us again and wanted to know if we could make their work process more better and more efficient. They were using plain-old excel and word to make invoices and track shipments. We offered to build them a fully customized import / export trade management platform that will be fully customized to their needs and perform any and all actions that they wanted it to do. Walla! Indentify was born!


The objectives were as follows:

  1. Learn and deeply understand the work process
  2. Figure out areas where small efficiencies can be obtained
  3. Automate repetitive tasks and minimize human errors
  4. Draft a development plan with aforementioned features
  5. Draft an implementation plan with migration and training

This is what we started with, after two months of back-and-forth, we had an idea of what we needed to build and the technologies to use.


We used the following technologies:

  • Django 2.0

  • Django-Jet Admin Addon

  • Bootstrap 4.0

  • PostgreSQL 9.6


The result was amazing. Even we were surprised at our creativity as this system would later on take form of our very first SaaS product, Indentify.

We are still on an annual retainer at ATC Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. and provide support for their internal system, along with managing their social media.

They recently contacted us to plan and coordinate a marketing campaign for a new product which is still in the works.