Custom Web App Development

We're helping leading organisations do more with data.

Since 2017, we have helped organisations to affect positive change through creating powerful, open source web applications.

The types of web apps we build:

We specialise in creating intelligent custom web apps which track, process and evaluate large amounts of data. Recent solutions we’ve built include:

  • Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) tools

  • Data visualisations and reports

  • Impact measurement and reporting

  • Grant management systems

  • Third party system integrations

  • SMS campaign software

How we build custom web applications:

Our approach to web app development begins with a time-tested process that discovers and addresses the unexpected:

  1. Discovery & Research

    We immerse ourselves in your organisation and industry, learning about your objectives, competitors and target audiences to define the initial premise of your product. During this phase of in-depth research, we'll typically conduct user modelling workshops, analyse your data and analytics, and test specific hypothesis related to your product.

  2. Conceptualize & Prototype

    Following the requirements gathering process, our developers validate the initial premise of your project, creating a minimum viable product to test complex data models, visualisations and APIs. Creating a prototype early on, ensures the bulk of your development budget is protected, and only used once a solution has been established.

  3. Design & Engineer

    Once the agreed technical solution has been tested, our team start building the application, integrating the functionality defined in the Discovery phase. Meanwhile, our design and frontend teams work to create a look and feel for your application. Once the finished product has been fully tested across all browsers, we work with you to get a launch plan in place.

  4. Innovate

    All of our applications are specifically designed to facilitate future growth, providing organisations with the flexibility to add custom features as new organisational needs arise. We’re proud of the fact that we continue to work with our clients long after product launch; we’ve been working with the Bells n Bells for more than 10 years!